How to remove your Web Page and it’s Data from Google

I recently had a problem with my web page; it got corrupted when I added the “Adsterra” Ad link to my page. So what happened is when I added the link and updated the Elementor edit page the edit page went blank. I tried to open using safe mode but the edit page didn’t open, it was still blank so I was unable to remove the Ad link and fix the page.

So my only option was to delete that page and create a new replacement page. Now the problem arose, if I add the content from the old page to the new page Google would mark it as duplicate.

The solution for that is to first remove the corrupted web page and its data from Google and then create a new replacement page and add the old content in it.

So how do we remove a Web Page and its data from Google?

It’s a very simple process by sending a removal request from the Google Search Console for that Web Page. Now I would explain to you how to send a request for the removal of the page.

Open the web page that you want to remove. Save the URL of this web page for later use.

Open Google Search Console for that URL.

On the left side under the sitemaps there is a link that says “Removals”. Open that link.

When you open the removals link, there would be two options for removals.

The first is Temporary Removals from which you can Block URL(s) from Google Search results for about six months. You can cancel this at any time.

To send a Temporary removal request select “Temporary Removals” and then click on the link saying “New Request”.

The New Request Box will open, where you can enter the URL you want to temporarily remove. There are two options that you can choose from: 1) Remove this URL only or 2) Remove all URLs with this prefix. I chose to remove this URL only. After selecting click on “Next” button.

Another box appears where you have an option to “Cancel or Submit Request”. To proceed you need to click on “Submit Request” button.

After you have submitted the request the Temporary Removals page will open, where you can check the “Status” of your request. For a fresh request it would say “Processing Request”, because it takes few days to remove the page.

When you want to cancel the request, on the Temporary Removals page on the right side there are three dots link. You have to click on that link.

A cancel request box will open which you have to click to cancel it.

Hence your request will be cancelled.

If you want to remove the page and the data permanently, first save the URL of the page and then delete the page.

Then you have to open the Removals page in the Google Search Console and select the Outdated Content. Then you have to hover over the “Question Mark” sign next to “Submitted Requests” and clink open the Remove Outdated Content page.

On this page you have to enter the URL of the deleted page and enter the “Request Removal” button.

Next “Analyzing URL” box will open. It will ask you to delete the page if you haven’t deleted it. Otherwise you have to select “Request Removal” button.

Another box will open saying that they have received your request and you have to press the “OK” button.

The Removal page will open where you can check the status of your request which will say “Processing Request”. It would take few days to remove the page.

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